Academic System

Unique Practice System

Precise, student-centered and easy to absorb lesson notes. We believe in simplicity and try to bring curiosity back in learning, as it always should have been. The time of lengthy and boring textbooks is over.

Technological support in learning

Complete access to all Lectures, printed notes, question and answer worksheets and practice sheets. All in one go.

Academic Planning Diary

If you don’t plan well, things won’t happen in the right way. Academic planning framework for better understanding of the syllabus and paper pattern. Daily update of homework and practice worksheets.

Experienced and Elite Gurus

A great Guru not only teaches his disciples but inspires their heart and soul to learn and achieve their dreams. Faculties at MENTORS know well and take the utmost care of every child.

Regular batches and practice sessions

Compact batch system with integrated practice sessions for better understanding of concepts. Sharing and discussion over real-life experiences related to the syllabus.